International Day for Biological Diversity - 22 May 2013 - Water and Biodiversity



  National Environment Celebrations Campaign, 22 May 2013
Fiji launched its National Environment Celebrations Campaign on the International Day for Biodiversity by its Minister for Environment. To commemorate the IDB the Minister and key government officials as well as NGO partners planted trees in the Colo-I-Suva Forest Park. On the same occasion the Minister launched Fiji's "State of Birds" report compiled by Dr. Dick Watling. The work was coordinated by Fiji's only local conservation NGO – Nature Fiji Mareqeti Viti. All Government officials, NGO partners and high profile people including Ministers and Permanent Secretaries went for a nature hike in the forest park with the Media looking at forest trees and discussing about its significance and importance.

Later during the day, there was public lecture organized at the Fiji National University. The public lecture discussed the 3 main biodiversity related conventions (CBD, Ramsar and CITES) and a presentation on Fiji's environmental laws.

In the evening there was a Panel discussion on valuation of Fiji Ecosystem and biodiversity.