International Day for Biological Diversity - 22 May 2013 - Water and Biodiversity

The CBD Secretariat encourages all parties to the Convention and all organizations that deal in some way with the issue to organize activities and events to celebrate the IDB and to take advantage of it to raise public awareness and showcase their work on Marine and Coastal Biodiversity.

2013 International Day for Biodiversity Celebrations around the world

Your flag will appear here when we receive information about your country's celebrations. Events coordinated by International Organisations are listed at the bottom of the page. Write to us. You can also organise an activity yourself in your community, here are some ideas. Every person can make a difference!

  1. Albania Albania
  2. Barbados Barbados
  3. Belgium Belgium
  4. Bhutan Bhutan
  5. Bolivia Bolivia
  6. Canada Canada
  7. Cameroon Cameroon
  8. Chad Chad
  9. China China
  10. DRC Democratic Republic of the Congo
  11. Denmark Denmark
  12. Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
  13. Ethiopia Ethiopia
  14. EU European Union
  15. France France
  16. Fiji Fiji
  17. Gabon Gabon
  18. Georgia Georgia
  19. Germany Germany
  20. Ghana Ghana
  21. Guatemala Guatemala
  22. India India
  23. Indonesia Indonesia
  24. Iran Iran
  25. Ireland Ireland
  26. Italy Italy
  27. Japan Japan
  28. Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
  29. Kuwait Kuwait
  30. Lebanon Lebanon
  31. Malaysia Malaysia
  32. Mexico Mexico
  33. Monaco Monaco
  34. Nauru Nauru
  35. Nepal Nepal
  36. Niger Niger
  37. Oman Oman
  38. Pakistan Pakistan
  39. Poland Poland
  40. Peru Peru
  41. Philippines Philippines
  42. Portugal Portugal
  43. Republic of Korea Republic of Korea
  44. Serbia Serbia
  45. South Africa South Africa
  46. Spain Spain
  47. Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
  48. Sudan Sudan
  49. Turkey Turkey
  50. Tuvalu Tuvalu
  51. UK United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  52. USA United States of America
  53. Venezuela Venezuela