International Day for Biological Diversity - 22 May 2013 - Water and Biodiversity



  The IDB2013 logo is available in Japanese, courtesy of the Japan Committee for IUCN

  Symposium on Ecosystem Services, Communities and the Sanriku Reconstruction National Park, 22 May 2013, Elizabeth Rose Hall, UNU Headquarters, Tokyo
This symposium serves as an opportunity to raise awareness of biodiversity through the presentations and discussions on the main theme of the biodiversity’s role to contribute to the recovery from the disaster. It also recognizes the May 2013 establishment of the Sanriku Reconstruction National Park in Japan, and the first Asia Parks Congress, to be held in Sendai, Japan in November 2013. Read more


  Japan Committee for IUCN, 8 May - 27 Jun
The Japan Committee for IUCN plans to prepare special exhibition and a series of seminars, which celebrate IDB 2013 with the support from Marunouchi Saezuri Kan and Ramsar Network Japan. More details will follow.

Celebrations include:
  • a 2-month (8 May - 27 Jun) special exhibition for water and biodiversity at Marunouchi Saezuri Kan.
  • a series of seminars on 22 May, 5 June and 19 June, focusing on the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, water, wetland conservation and the Green Wave.

  IDB 2013 Celebration for sustainable Future with Aich Target, 26 May 2013, Tokyo
The Japan Civil Network for UNDB presents:

  1. Building Land Health Index (LHI) for Key Biodiversity Area (KBA)
  2. Green Renaissance practice in Urato: from Tohoku Tsunami Disaster
  3. Aichi Target 3 in Japan
  4. Laws toward Aichi targets

  Water supports all of life---Let's get connected world water!
2-3pm, Saturdays: 11 May, 8 June, 13 July, 3 August @ Higashiyama Zoo and Botanial Garden

Origami Action, Japan Committee for IUCN, organizes a series of workshops on Water and Biodiversity at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanial Garden:
  • Short talks about the relationship between water and animals/flowers
  • Special guide tour in the Zoo and Botanical garden
  • All participants can join the Origami Action and make Origami, and write down their messages on Biodiversity



  Ramsar Network Japan - official partner of World Wetland Network (WWN), is a network NGO, composed of local wetland conservation groups.

  Marunouchi Saezuri Kan - nature information plaza, operated by Mitsubishi Estate Co., LTD as a part of CSR activities, is promoting outreach and awareness-raising about nature conservation and environmental protection.