International Day for Biological Diversity - 22 May 2013 - Water and Biodiversity

Natural Solutions For Water Security

The IDB2013 booklet on Water and Biodiversity is now available in English. If you wish to translate the booklet into your official language, the design files are available upon request, please contact us.

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Good Practice Guide

  The Good Practice Guide series presents policy considerations, management tools, market-based instruments, and capacity-building methods that support biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction in a number of different development sectors. Each guide in the series is composed of a booklet and accompanying power point presentation.

Drinking Water, Biodiversity and Development
Good Practice Guide Booklet - English / French / Spanish (pdf - 3 MB)
Power Point Presentation - English / French / Spanish (ppt - 3 MB)

More Good Practice Guides

TEEB For Water and Wetlands

  TEEB For Water and Wetlands
The “nexus” between water, food and energy has been recognised as one of the most fundamental relationships and challenges for society. Wetlands are a fundamental part of local and global water cycles and are at the heart of this nexus, providing numerous ecosystem services to humankind. Nonetheless, wetlands continue to be degraded or lost and, in many cases, policies and decisions do not sufficiently take into account these interconnections and interdependencies. However, the full value of water and wetlands needs to be recognized and integrated into decision-making in order to meet our future social, economic and environmental needs. Using the maintenance and enhancement of the benefits of water and wetlands is, therefore, a key element in a transition to a sustainable economy.

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