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COP Decisions

Relevant aspects of thematic work programmes

  • Decision II/9 Annex, paragraph 10
    Forests and biological diversity
  • Decision III/11 paragraphs 9, 15(g)
    Conservation and sustainable use of agricultural biological diversity
  • Decision IV/4 Annex, A, paragraphs 8(c) (iii), 9 (e), (g) and 20
    Status and trends of the biological diversity of inland water ecosystems and options for conservation and sustainable use
  • Decision IV/5 Annex, Programme element 4
    Conservation and sustainable use of marine and coastal biological diversity, including a programme of work
  • Decision IV/6 paragraph 4
    Agricultural biological diversity
  • Decision IV/7 Annex, paragraphs 30, 31, 51
    Forest biological diversity
  • Decision V/2 paragraph 5
    Progress report on the implementation of the programme of work on the biological diversity of inland water ecosystems (implementation of decision IV/4)
  • Decision V/5 paragraph 23; Annex B paragraph 2.2.(b)
    Agricultural biological diversity: review of phase I of the programme of work and adoption of a multi-year work programme
  • Decision VI/22 Annex Programme element 2, Goal 1, Objective 3 (h)
    Forest biological diversity
  • Decision VII/4 paragraph 24 and Annex
    Biological diversity of inland water ecosystems
  • Decision VII/5 paragraph 45(a) and Annex
    Marine and coastal biological diversity
  • Decision VII/27 Annex
    Mountain biological diversity
  • Decision VIII/1 Section E Target 5.1.2, Priority actions,,
    Island biodiversity
  • Decision VIII/5 Section H, paragraph 2
    Article 8(j) and related provisions
  • Decision VIII/8 Annex
    Implementation of the Convention and its Strategic Plan
  • Decision VIII/9 paragraph 22
    Implications of the findings of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
  • Decision VIII/17 paragraph 5
    Marine and coastal biological diversity: conservation and sustainable use of deep seabed genetic resources beyond the limits of national jurisdiction
  • Decision VIII/27 paragraph 58
    Alien species that threaten ecosystems, habitats or species (Article 8 (h)): further consideration of gaps and inconsistencies in the international regulatory framework

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