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COP Decisions

Relevant aspects of thematic work programmes

  • Decision II/9 annex, paragraph 15
    Forests and biological diversity
  • Decision III/11 paragraph 15 (m)
    Conservation and sustainable use of agricultural biological diversity
  • Decision III/12 paragraphs 6 (d), 10 (a); annex, first paragraph (c), second paragraph (a)
    Programme of work for terrestrial biological diversity: forest biological diversity
  • Decision IV/4 annex I, paragraph 9 (e) (ii), 15
    Status and trends of the biological diversity of inland water ecosystems and options for conservation and sustainable use
  • Decision IV/5 annex, C, operational objective 1.3
    Conservation and sustainable use of marine and coastal biological diversity, including a programme of work
  • Decision IV/6 paragraph 6
    Agricultural biological diversity
  • Decision IV/7 annex, II, paragraphs 40-48
    Forest biological diversity
  • Decision V/3 II, paragraph 10
    Progress report on the implementation of the programme of work on marine and coastal biological diversity (implementation of decision IV/5)
  • Decision V/5 annex, A, paragraph 3 (c); annex, B, programme element 1, Activity 1.5 (a)
    Agricultural biological diversity: review of phase I of the programme of work and adoption of a multi-year work programme
  • Decision V/23 paragraph 7 (a); annex I, II, A, Activity 3
    Consideration of options for conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity in dryland, Mediterranean, arid, semi-arid, grassland and savannah ecosystems

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