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Indigenous to southern and eastern Asia, the semi-woody vine Kudzu was first introduced to the United States as an ornamental vine as well as to control soil erosion. It spread rapidly in the South-eastern US leading to the loss of valuable crop land, and damage to telephone and power lines.
Credit: Danny Hooks- istockphoto.com

The following organizations and bodies are key partners in the implementation of Article 8(h) of the Convention and associated decisions of the Conference of the Parties:


In an attempt to harmonize and enhance synergy amongst the multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has created Issue-based modules to gather information concerned with issues addressed by MEAs, such as invasive alien species. The IAS module details Parties obligations in various MEAs relating to assessments, legislative measures and national policies, management, economic instruments, provision of resources, communication, education and public awareness and cooperation.

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