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International Conference on Biological and Cultural Diversity: Diversity for Development – Development for Diversity

Together with all the partners, we would like to thank all who attended for your participation in making this conference a success.

Global Objectives

The aim of the Conference is to contribute to transforming political commitments into concrete actions by developing recommendations towards effectively integrating biological and cultural diversity into development cooperation strategies and programmes.

The Conference is therefore not an event by environmental specialists for environmental specialists, but rather aspires to bring together civil society, interested citizens, representatives of local populations, politicians, development cooperation agencies and environmentalists to jointly pave the way forward and enhance the conservation of biological and cultural diversity as a key basis for sustainable development.

Main Objectives

• bring together civil society, representatives of indigenous and local populations, policy makers, scientists and intergovernmental and development cooperation agencies to exchange knowledge and practices linking biological and cultural diversity

• provide elements for a programme of work to be jointly implemented by UNESCO, the CBD and other partners

Informational Documents

publication Beyond Belief: Linking faiths and protected areas to support biodiversity conservation [2005]
A research report by WWF, Equilibrium and the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC).

publication Protected Areas in Today’s World: Their Values and Benefits for the Welfare of the Planet
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (2008). Protected Areas in Today’s World: Their Values and Benefits for the Welfare of the Planet. Montreal, Technical Series no. 36, i-vii + 96 pages.

publication The Value of Nature: Ecological, Economic, Cultural and Social Benefits of Protected Areas. [2008]
Mulongoy, K.J. and S.B. Gidda; Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

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  • United Nations Environment Programme