Enabling environments are addressed under element 3 of the programme of work on technology transfer and technological and scientific cooperation. Activities under this programme element seek to identify and put in place institutional, administrative, legislative and policy frameworks conducive to private and public sector technology transfer and cooperation, and to remove technical, legislative and administrative barriers to technology transfer technology adaptation.

Parties to the Convention reported on progress made in implementing enabling environments in their third national reports as well as in the thematic reports on technology transfer (see also the synthesis report on information provided by Parties in the thematic reports on technology transfer and cooperation).

To support Parties' activities, and further to a request of the Conference of the Parties at its seventh meeting, the Secretariat of the Convention compiled and synthesized information, and developed guidance for the implementation of enabling environments.

Further to these activities, an Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on Technology Transfer and Scientific and Technological Cooperation developed a strategy for practical implementation of the programme of work, which includes a number of suggested concrete activities pertaining to an enabling environment for technology transfer and cooperation, both on the receiving and on the provinding end.

Another achievement under this programme element is the preparation of a technical study on the role of intellectual property rights in technology transfer under the Convention, in cooperation with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).