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Italy: View the country profile

National Celebrations

Italian Ministry of Environment - Report of activities

La Settimana della Biodiversità
The celebration of the International Year of Biological Diversity will include a weeklong international celebration of biodiversity in music, video, poetry, drama and art. World renowned scientists, humanists, philosophers, gardeners and chefs will ensure that the festival has wide appeal and an international spotlight.

Where: Auditorium Parcoo della Musica Organized by Bioversity International

The Italian Commission for UNESCO launches an initiative to stress the crucial role played by schools, universities, cultural and training actors in the protection of biodiversity and sustainable development.
Declaration “For a Culture of Biodiversity” and Press Release 6/2010
This initiative is promoted by the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, in collaboration with some of the major partners of the UN-DESD (Decade on Education for Sustainable Development): FAO - Education for Rural People Partnership, Federation of Italian Parks (Federparchi), National Institute for Environmental Research and Protection (ISPRA), WWF, Legambiente and the Italian Geographical Society. More details (in Italian).

After 2010
Volunteers for Biodiversity: forthcoming project involving 3 graduating or just graduated young people in research on biodiversity both in the field and in the museum, who will be payed back by regional and national Authorities (National Civilian Service)

June 7-12, 2010 - Global Footprint Network is thrilled to announce our Global Brainstorming Session, Footprint Forum: Meet the Winners of the 21st Century, in Colle di Val d’Elsa, Italy, just outside of Siena, Italy.

SondrioFestival 2010, 4-9 October 2010
The SondrioFestival - International Documentary Film Festival on Parks - is held annually in October, in Sondrio, at the foot of the Alps in Italy. An international non-commercial film festival, it is the only one of its kind, dedicated to documentaries featuring aspects of National Parks, Nature Reserves and Protected Areas throughout the world. Website - pdf

  Last May 22nd, Oasi Zegna celebrated the International Day of Biological Diversity
Oasi Zegna, Corporate Partner of Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign, joined the Green Wave Action involving local students in planting 50 beeches and copper beeches to celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity and in memory of Zegna Group's founder, the textile industrialist Ermenegildo Zegna, who in 1930 around the family woolen mill in Trivero in Italy, planted more than 500,000 conifers and hundreds of rhododendrons and hydrangeas, believing in the harmony existing between industrial quality and commitment and improvement of the natural, social and cultural environment we live in.

  Mangiasano 2010 Summary .
VAS and the partners will organize meetings, seminars, workshops, video shows, farmers markets with organic and local products.

IPS launches Biodiversity Reporting Guidelines
IPS and partners are celebrating International Biodiversity Day, May 22nd, with the launch in Rome of biodiversity reporting guidelines for journalists covering this vital but complex topic. The guidelines are part of a wider communication initiative for 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity. IPS worked with partners Bioversity International and the International Federation of Environment Journalists (IFEJ) on the guidelines, within the COM+ sustainable development communication alliance.
Download available:
Putting life on the front page - Bioversity Reporting Guidelines (English)
La vida en la portada - Guia para Reportear sobre Biodiversidad (Spanish)

List of events organized by Orobie Valtellinesi Park to celebrate the International Year of biodiversity.

  Il valore economico della biodiversità e degli ecosistemi

Dates and VenueEvent
1 September 2009 - 1 November 2010
LiveOfAir.Friendly Plants
17 - 19 December 2009
3rd International Symposium for a Greener Planet: from the Apennines to the Andes – Biodiversity for Kyoto: from the Monte Salviano experience to the Titankayocc Forest
1 January - 31 December 2010
Let's Paint Biodiversity
7 January - 10 June 2010
CLANFA (Conserving the Environment in Active Form to Protect Biodiversity)
13 February 2010
Sea: Source of Biodiversity
15 - 21 February 2010
Settimana della Scienza 2010 - Faune e zoocenosi del Lazio
20 - 21 February 2010
Chiavari, Liguria
Cultural and Biological Diversity : A Possible Challenge to Face?
20 February - 18 September 2010
L'Arca della Biodiversita (The Arch of Biodiversity)
10 March 2010
Biodiversità nella Scienza e nell'Arte - Biodiversity in Science and Art
10 March 2010
12 - 13 March 2010
Dal Sidereus nuncius a E-ELT : 400 anni di osservazione astronomica al telescopio (From the Sidereus Nuncius to the E-ELT : 400 Years of Astronomic Observation to the Telescope / Organized by Fondazione Clément Filietroz-ONLUS, Astronomical Observatory of the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley
April - May 2010
Vita Naturale in Terra di Prato
11 April 2010
Day of Biodiversity
11 April 2010
Day of Biodiversity
17 April 2010
Reggio Emilia
Biodiversity. Think locally, act globally / Biodiversity - Pensare localmente, agire globalmnte
24 April 2010
Alessandria del Carretto
Patriarchi Verdi di Calabria - Missione Alberi Sacri
15 May 2010
Il nuovo sentiero naturalistico di bosco Fontana : The New Nature Trail of Bosco Fontana / Organized by The National Centre for Forest Biodiversity
20 - 22 May 2010
Conferenza Nazionale per la Biodiversita’
20 - 23 May 2010
Settimana della Biodiversità
Organized by:
Bioversity International
20 - 21 May 2010
Biodiversity and Sustainable Diets Technical Workshop
Organized by:
Food and Agriculture Organization
20 - 23 May 2010
Festival Audiovisivo della Biodiversita
22 May 2010
Oasi Zegna Plants for the Planet / Organized by Oasi Zegna
22 - 23 May 2010
Alla scoperta dell'Alta Valsessera : Discovering Alta Valsessera / Organized by Oasi Zegna
22 May 2010
IPS launches Biodiversity Reporting Guidelines
28 - 30 May 2010
La IX Fiera del Libro
29 May 2010
Obiettivo su Bosco Fontana - Maratona fotografica : lens on Bosco Fontana - Photographic Marathon / Organized by the National Centre for Forest Biodiversity
1 - 6 June 2010
CinemAmbiente – Environmental Film Festival
6 June 2010
Il Treno Della Biodiversita
7 - 12 June 2010
Colle di Val d'Elsa
Footprint Forum : Meet the Winners of the 21st Century
10 June 2010
Le Lucciole del Bosco : The Glow Worms of the Forest / Organized by The National Centre for Forest Biodiversity
10 June 2010
Passeggiata alla scperta delle piante del territorio
12 June 2010
Note nella natura : Dalla Corte dei Gonzaga ai fasti del settecento; Notes in Nature : Dalla Corte dei Gonzaga ai fasti del settecento / Organized by The National Centre for Forest Biodiversity
13 June 2010
All scoperta del Carabus Olympiae : Discovering Carabus Olympiae / Organized by Oasi Zegna
20 June 2010
Il Meraviglioso mondo delle farfalle : The Wonderful World of Butterflies / Organized by Oasi Zegna
21 - 30 June 2010
Bio Village and Biodiversity
26 June 2010
Note nella natura : Canto alla luna; Notes in Nature : Canto alla luna / Organized by the National Forest Biodiversity
29 June - 8 August 2010
International Festival EcoSpirituale and Biodiversity
5 - 10 July 2010
4th Symposium Scultura_Live
7 July - 26 September 2010
PRAETER NATURAM - By Brandon Ballengée
17 - 17 July 2010
Alle radici della biodiversità : Il Cervo volante e gli altri insetti del legno morto; At the Roots of Biodiversity : The Stage Beetle and Other Insects Living in Dead Wood / Organized by The National Centre for Forest Biodiversity
26 - 30 July 2010
Saint Barthelemy
Summer School of Astronomy 2010 : "Journey Through Our Galaxy" / Organized by Fondazione Clément Fillietroz; ONLUS; Astronomical Observatory of the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley (OAVdA); Planetarium of Lignan
30 - 31 July 2010
Alla scoperta della manna
7 August 2010
Il cielo stellato sopra di me
September 2010 - April 2011
ThinkQuest: Experiences of Biodiversity
9 - 12 September 2010
International seed kiln conference / Verona
10 - 12 September 2010
Star Party of Saint-Barthélemy 2010
18 September 2010
Al centro della biodivesità : Racconto fotografico; At the Centre of Biodiversity : A Photographic Journey / Organized by The National Centre for Forest Biodiversity
24 September - 10 October 2010
SPECIES: Art Exhibition (Barzanò)
25 September 2010
Biodiversity Day (3rd Edition)
28 September - 3 October 2010

EUROPARC Conference 2010
28 - 29 September 2010
Dal Dire Al Fare va in città // From words to actions
2 October 2010
Pipistrelli uccelli e anfibi in Diretiva Habitat / Bats, Birds and Amphibians of the Habitats Directive / Organized by The National Centre for Forest Biodiversity
4 - 9 October 2010
Sondrio Festival : International Documentary Film Festival on Parks
6 - 8 October 2010
Biodiversity and Sustainable Diets International Scientific Symposium
Organized by:
Food and Agriculture Organization
18 October 2010 - 10 June 2011
“Experiences of Biodiversity on the web”
9 November 2010 - 30 January 2011
2050 Il pianeta ha bisogno di te
Organized by:
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity
22 November 2010
Bassano del Grappa Vicenza
Conferenze Biodiversita - Il Piccolo mondo delle Orchidee
23 - 24 November 2010
24 November 2010
La Nuova Europa: Sostenibilita E Biodiversita
27 November 2010
Facolta' Di Agraria and Accademia Iataliana Cucina
14 December 2010
Conferenza: La conservazione della biodiversità oltre il 2010
17 December 2010
Semi Mediterranei


Sei una parte integrante della natura; il tuo destino è strettamente legato alla biodiversità, all’immensa varietà di altri animali e di piante, ai luoghi dove vivono ed all’ambiente circostante, ovunque nel mondo.

Dipendi da questa diversità della vita, che ti procura nutrimento, calore, energia, medicina ed altre risorse senza le quali la tua vita sarebbe impossibile. Stiamo tuttavia perdendo questa ricca diversità, a ritmi fortemente accelerati, a causa dell’attività umana. Questo ci rende più poveri, e riduce la capacità dei sistemi viventi, dai quali dipendiamo, a resistere a crescenti minacce, come quella dei cambiamenti climatici.

Il 2010 è l’Anno Internazionale della Biodiversità, ed individui in tutto il mondo stanno lavorando per salvaguardare queste insostituibili ricchezze naturali e ridurre la perdita di biodiversità. Questo è fondamentale per il benessere umano, presente e futuro. Dobbiamo fare di più. Il momento per agire è adesso.

La conservazione ex situ della biodiversità delle specie vegetali spontanee e coltivate in Italia


Acquario Calagonone

The Aquarium of Cala Gonone, designed by American architect Peter Chermayeff, in collaboration with the architect of Macomer Sebastiano Gaias is integrated in a natural and unique landscape within the Marine National Park Gulf of Orosei, making it one of the most beautiful aquariums in the world.

The Aquarium is a center of education and teaching applied to encourage a responsible attitude and awareness towards the environment and emphasize the importance and its biodiversity. The aim is also to enable a future international accreditation structure, as a reference point in the Mediterranean for the study, research and rescue of marine mammals and dangerous species.

Acquario di Genova

The Acquario di Genova hosts about 1.250.000 visitors each year. With its 10.000 square meters and its 63 exhibition tanks it is the largest indoor aquarium in Europe, and one of the most attended cultural institutions in Italy.

The task of choosing which species and environments to present takes into account their environmental importance or how they can arouse curiosity and positive emotions in visitors. Therefore the Acquario di Genova can be considered a sort of messenger for animals, plants, seas, ecosystems and countries aiming at teaching either the respect towards sea environment or to inform about its problems and safeguard.

Bioversity International

Bioversity International, Bioversity for short, is the operating name of the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI) and the International Network for Improvement of Banana and Plantain (INIBAP). Bioversity is the world's largest international research organization dedicated solely to the conservation and use of agricultural biodiversity. It is non-profit and independently operated.

Centro Nazionale per lo Studio e la Conservazione della Biodiversità Forestale “Bosco della Fontana” di Verona - Italy

The main tasks of the National Centre for the Study and the Conservation of Forest Biodiversity of Verona (CNBFVR) are studies on taxonomy, systematics, ecology and monitoring of terrestrial invertebrates and the conservation of their habitats. Moreover, the Centre conducts studies on the role of dead wood in forest ecosystems and implements actions aimed at the conservation of the saproxylic fauna. The CNBFVR does not only operate in the scientific field but provides also answers to the needs of society, providing information to politicians on changes of biodiversity in relation to climatic change and to pollution. The CNBFVR, is a governmental structure of the Central Office for Biodiversity in Rome (National Forestry Service) and carries out advisory scientific functions for the invertebrates and the conservation of forest habitats, within European conservation networks such as Nature 2000, ICP-Forest, LTER.

Centro Studi Naturalistici – onlus

The Centro Studi Naturalistici is an environmental organization, working in the South of Italy, whose activities can be divided into 4 areas:

  • Management of 2 natural oasis, of the Wildlife Centre and of the Natural Observatory of the Gargano National Park ;
  • Research and conservation projects for endangered and priority habitats and species (among which 4 LIFE Nature projects)
  • Information and environmental education activities to raise public awareness on the importance of biodiversity and the protection of natural habitats
  • Lobby activities.

Comunità Montana della Garfagnana

The Comunità Montana is a local authority that works in social-economic development, safeguard of the order hydro-geological, forest and environmental of the mountain areas of Garfagnana. From 2000 it began a run of recovery, safeguard and exploitation of the agricultural biodiversity and livestock local, in collaboration with the University of Pisa, University of Florence, CNR (National Research Centre), ARSIA (Regional Development and Innovation in agriculture and forestry agency) and Tuscany Region. In 2008 it inaugurated the local office of the Regional Germplasm Bank of Tuscany situated in "Centro la Piana" in Camporgiano (LU). You will be able to find more information by visiting http://www.cm-garfagnana.lu.it/menu-superiore/1034.

Conservation Committee of the Societas Europea Herpetologica

One of the key aims of the Societas Europaea Herpetologica is to promote the conservation of European herpetofauna. The Conservation Committee is the primary mechanism for doing this. Key approaches used are: • Habitat assessments • Assessment of species status • Developing a Committee with a broad geographic representation • Exchange of knowledge and experience through regular meetings of the Conservation Committee • Exchange of knowledge with European herpetologists and worldwide through consulting, conservation actions, meetings, email exchange etc\ • Working with and providing expert representation to the Bern Convention • Expert input to Bern Convention Expert Group and the Bern Convention Standing Committee

The SEH, through its Conservation Committee, is an active member of the European Habitats Forum.

Diversity for Life

An initiative of Bioversity International. A series of events in eight countries to be held in 2010 has already been established and implementation plans have been shared with the Secretariat. Bioversity is an international research organization dedicated solely to the conservation and use of agricultural biodiversity.

Food and Agricultural Organization

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is an intergovernmental organization where Member Countries negotiate agreements and debate policy related to agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and nutrition within the context of global needs, priorities and change. FAO works to alleviate poverty and hunger by promoting sustainable agricultural development, improved nutrition and food security. One of its global goals is the sustainable management of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

FAO main meetings and workshops planned in 2010


Formica's Onlus is a non-political and non-profit association. Its activities are aimed at protecting and enhancing the environment and nature, with particular reference to promotion and development of knowledge of the quality and the characteristics of foods in relation to humans and animals health.

Global Crop Diversity Trust

The Global Crop Diversity Trust is the sole global response to the funding crisis affecting the long-term conservation of crop diversity. Crop diversity, though often overlooked, is in fact one of the most important forms of biodiversity for human survival. It is, after all, the biodiversity we eat. The Trust currently works in 89 countries, supporting the conservation and availability of crop diversity for food security worldwide.

The Trust is perhaps best known for its engagement in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, built high in the Arctic to hold duplicates of all crop collections, providing an insurance policy for the world’s food supply.

Hotel Sostenibile

Hotel Sostenibile is a company that provides consulting services and business organization for the hotel and tourism industry, specializing on issues of energy conservation, water, waste recycling and sustainability. Stems from the awareness that a degraded ecosystem loses its appeal for tourists and tour operators are "employees" of the environment because it creates profits and livelihood. Team Hotel Sostenibile is composed of a group of professionals such as architects, engineers, hoteliers and companies with skills and expertise in providing solutions to saving energy, water, waste recycling and sustainable practices.

International Plant Protection Convention

The IPPC – the International Plant Protection Convention – and its 176 member countries help to protect biodiversity by preventing the introduction and spread of pests of plants. The IPPC serves as a framework for the management of invasive species through the development of international standards for phytosanitary measures (i.e. any legislation, regulation or official procedure having the purpose to prevent the introduction and/or spread of quarantine pests). Standards have been adopted to provide guidance on how to carry out inspections, surveillance and eradication programmes to eliminate pests. Likewise, the IPPC is working to manage high risk pathways for the introduction of invasive alien species through the development of standards. Some standards have already been adopted, such as the international movement of wood packaging material and other standards are under development to address pathways such as soil and growing media, sea containers, air craft, waste and seeds. The International Phytosanitary Portal (IPP) (https://www.ippc.int) provides a means for countries to cooperate and to share information regarding potential threats.

Kontiki Incentives srl

Since 2000 Kontiki Incentives is proposing its expertise in organization events, meetings and incentives organization. In 2008 Kontiki Incentives specialized in organizing green events certified according to the green meeting guidelines by the BSI standards and launched S-TEAM® - Solidarity Team Building: team building realized in cooperation with environment or social association such as LIPU with a deep sense of social responsibility where participants get involved in different activities with the aim to improve life quality in the local community.
Kontiki Incentives is SITE Green member of Site Italy and GMIC Member.

Le Scienze Web News

Le Scienze Web News - LSWN (online scientific magazine) is located near Rome. LSWN aims to give a significant contribution to the diffusion of a scientific culture based on reliable sources of information. LSWN upholds sustainable development as well as the protection of biodiversity. LSWN is technical partner of Unesco for DESD (Decade of Education for Sustainable Development) 2005-2014.


Legambiente, the most widespread environmental organisation in Italy, launches every year several national initiatives and campaigns to involve citizens, media, politicians and schools on the most relevant environmental issues: from biodiversity, to nature conservation, from protected areas management to sustainable development, from renewable energies to climate change, from environmental education to volunteering, from waste management to eco-crimes.

Following the spirit of the tenet "Think globally, act locally", the activity of Legambiente is based on the work of 1.000 local groups and co-ordinated through 20 regional committees and a national headquarter in Rome. Recognized by the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea as “Association of environmental interest”, our association is also a member of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), the IUCN, and many others international networks.

Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali

The Regional Museum of Natural Sciences of Aosta Valley plays a strategic role in the diffusion of scientific and naturalistic culture which is reached through the promotion of scientific research, in collaboration with universities, research centres and scientific associations, the collection and preservation of naturalistic specimens, the production of scientific publications and the promotion of educational initiatives.
The museum is currently closed for repairs of the structure and for renewal of preparations.

Il Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali della Valle d'Aosta gioca un ruolo strategico nella diffusione della cultura scientifica attraverso la promozione di attività di ricerca, in collaborazione con università, centri di ricerca e associazioni scientifiche, la collezione e la conservazione di reperti naturalistici, la produzione di pubblicazioni scientifiche e la promozione di iniziative didattiche e divulgative.
Il Museo è attualmente chiuso per lavori di restauro e rinnovo delle collezioni.

Museo Tridentino di Scienze Naturali/Natural Sciences Museum of Trento

The Museo Tridentino di Scienze Naturali/Natural Sciences Museum of Trento is a public institution operating in the field of Natural Sciences, within the specific context of the local Alpine environment (Trentino Province, Italy). The Museum is particularly active in the area of science communication and dissemination. It hosts successful temporary exhibits and a number of diverse and lively educational initiatives. It also dynamically participates in international scientific research, and it owns important and attractive collections and databases on the Alpine Nature.

Il Museo Tridentino di Scienze Naturali è un ente pubblico che opera nel campo delle Scienze Naturali, con particolare attenzione al territorio alpino e all'ambito trentino. Nelle proprie sale il Museo propone esposizioni di storia naturale. Il Museo promuove la cultura scientifica con l’obiettivo di renderla accessibile al grande pubblico, e presta particolare attenzione al proprio ruolo educativo. Perciò ha sviluppato una rete di istituzioni museali e centri di ricerca diffusa nel territorio trentino che persegue l’innovazione della didattica, della divulgazione e delle metodologie di educazione permanente.

Noc 32 Laboratorio biologico delle Madonie

The NOC 32 “Laboratorio Biologico delle Madonie” works in order to improve and to support the activities that are compatible with environmental conservation and capitalization of the vegetation and cultures of the “Parco delle Madonie”.

The team works to improve native plant seeds, traditional farming and its modification in organic farming. In addition the Noc 32 wants to recovery demaged areas of the “Parco delle Madonie” thanks to land reclamation.

Oasi Zegna

Oasi Zegna traces its roots back to the 1930’s when the Italian industrialist Ermenegildo Zegna, planted around the family woolen mill in Trivero (in Piedmont, in the Province of Biella, northwest Italy) - Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna – about 500,000 conifers, rhododendrons and hydrangeas, since he was firmly convinced that environmental protection and social responsibility were inseparable.

In 1993 the new generations of the family launched Oasi Zegna, that today is a protected area which extends for 100km2. First example of environmental patronage, Oasi Zegna enhances the relationship between human being, mountain culture and nature.

Oasi Zegna is an outdoor laboratory where through several eco-friendly activities, people and especially young people, are taught to approach to nature consciously.

Click here to discover all the activities developed by Oasi Zegna

PAN Parks Foundation

PAN Parks welcomes the declaration of the International Year of Biodiversity as we also look to the opportunities triggered by natural succession and ecosystem dynamics to protect global biodiversity. In PAN Parks Wilderness areas, the priority is protecting ecosystem dynamics and supporting the protection of biodiversity - ecosystem dynamics link.

Many examples of this could be provided so a page on our website will be devoted to providing a collection of case studies, interviews, articles on the relation of wilderness and biodiversity and the PAN Parks efforts to protect biodiversity through wilderness protection.

Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino

“Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino” hereinafter called Parco Ticino, is located in the Lombardy region in the Provinces of Milan, Varese and Pavia. It was established in 1974 through a popular initiative to defend the river and the natural environment of the Ticino river valley. The Consortium managing the Park consists of 47 Municipalities and 3 Provinces.

It controls a territory of more than 91.600 hectares, covering natural and agricultural lands (the remnants of the ancient forests), and urban areas. The Park has a high degree of biodiversity, recognized as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. The aim of the Park is to preserve ecosystems and natural areas as well as to protect the environment from the social and economic pressures of the communities that inhabit it, as the park is located in one of the most populated areas in Italy. The Ticino river forms part of the last natural corridor linking the Alps with the Mediterranean Sea.

Parco Naturale Mont Avic

Mont Avic Natural Park was established in October 1989 for the purpose of preserving the natural resources of the upper valley of Champdepraz (Aosta Valley region, NW Italy), an area which contains extremely interesting landscapes and environments hardly touched by human activity. In May 2003 the Park was extended to include the upper valley of Champorcher, an area of great natural interest thanks to the wealth of flora and high density of typically alpine animal species, as well as outcrops of calcschist, vast meadow areas and numerous alpine lakes. The main objectives of Mont Avic Natural Park are to protect, promote and restore the area’s landscape and historical, environmental and natural resources. Since 2002, the Park area has been classified as a SIC/ZPS site and forms part of the Natura 2000 network.

Provincia di Prato - Italy

The Department of Valorisation of Natural Resources and Protected Areas of the Province of Prato is in charge of the protection and enhancement of natural areas and conservation of endangered species of flora and fauna. These actions are performed through the coordination of the protected areas network and through the management of the sites of the European ecological network named “Natura 2000” occurring on its territory.

Regio Emilia - Italy

The Province is the intermediary local government between the 45 local Municipalities and the Emilia- Romagna Region (which represents the regional government).

It represents over 500.000 inhabitants, operating administrative, political and coordinating competences, promoting the interests and needs of the population. In wielding its authority on a vast area, the Province targets a well-balanced social, cultural, economic and environmental development for its community.

More information can be found by clicking here.

Region of Aosta Valley - Italy

The Aosta Valley is a mountainous autonomous region in north-western Italy. It is bordered by France to the west, Switzerland to the north and the region of Piedmont to the south and east.

Activities (in French)