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7. Implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

23 August 2023, 11:00- 12:30, session in the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework Pavilion at the Seventh GEF Assembly

 Room 301, Vancouver Convention Center

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The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework is a framework for all - for the whole of government and the whole of society – and its success requires political will and recognition at the highest level of government and relies on action and cooperation by all levels of government and by all actors of society. National biodiversity strategies and action plans are the main instruments for implementing the Framework at the national level. However, without political will; coherent action between local and national Government, across Ministries and from non-state actors; and capacity and financing to support implementation, the Framework’s targets and goals will not be achieved

This session will highlight opportunities and examples of success in terms of developing and implementing National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs), including through the support the GEF provides to enabling activities. It will also examine opportunities for improving how NBSAPs are developed, revised/updated, monitored and implemented. 



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Scene-setting: Opportunities and challenges for improved NBSAP development and implementation 

David Ainsworth (Moderator)

Head of Communications

Convention on Biological Diversity

•    Providing continuity in support for NBSAPs through coherence across GEF-7, GEF-8 and future plans for the GEF and GBF Fund 

Jurgis Sapijanskas

Senior Biodiversity Specialist

The Global Environment Facility

•    Coordinating efforts for NBSAP development and implementation

Doreen Robinson

Head of Biodiversity and Land Ecosystems Division


•  Experiences in regional dialogues and experience sharing in the ASEAN region

Noralene Uy

Assistant Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resource


•    After the panel discussion, the audience is invited to participate in the dialogue by asking questions.




Panel discussion: Matching capacity, finance and knowledge with national needs

Olivier Rukundo (Moderator)

Head of the People’s and Biodiversity Unit

Convention on Biological Diversity

•    Opportunities for NBSAP implementation a: coordination, mainstreaming and monitoring NBSAPs to improve their development and implementation. 

Midori Paxton

Director, Nature Hub


•    Identifying national capacity, finance and knowledge needs in order to improve implementation

Nicolas Schäfstoß

Head of Division International Finance, BMUV


•    Matching the demand for capacity, finance and knowledge with donors and providers

Laura Camila Bermudez

Adviser of the International Affairs Office


•    Improved coordination across Government and the UN System as a path for mainstreaming biodiversity to achieve the Global Biodiversity Framework and the SDGs

Matilde Mordt

UNDP Resident Representative

UNDP Ecuador

•    Targeted support as an opportunity for achieving national success and building positive examples

Hans Brattskar

Special Envoy at the Ministry for Climate and Environment


After the panel discussion, the audience is invited to participate in the dialogue by asking questions.







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