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Tinker Foundation’s grants of up to US$600 thousand for Sustainable Resource Management in Latin America
Tinker’s programme of Institutional Grants supports the theme of sustainable resource management (among others) in Latin America. Particular issues of interest include sustainable agriculture, sustainable forestry and non-timber forest products, sustainable tourism, fisheries management, and payment for environmental services. Tinker is also very interested in issues of water scarcity and quality for communities. Past grants range from US$200 thousand to US$600 thousand. The Foundation encourages project collaboration among organizations in the USA and Latin America. Tinker invites brief letters of inquiry to the Foundation before proposals are prepared and submitted. The application deadlines for LOIs are 31 January and 31 July of each year.
Opportunity Information
CBD Regional Groups - Latin America sub-region
Funding support

Tinker Grants (https://tinker.org/institutional-grants-apply-page/)
Detailed Opportunity Information

The Foundation funds research and advocacy, experimentation, scaling up of promising interventions, and exchange of knowledge and models – with the overarching goal of contributing to large-scale change in policy and practice. It awards grants through three programme areas that they have prioritized during the last decade because of their importance to the region.
The first step is an eligibility quiz which allows to determine if the organization qualifies for support from the Foundation. Then those organizations will be able to send letters of inquiry which will provide a brief description of the proposed project as well as an estimate of the project budget. The full proposals should include all aspects of the project. They will only be required if the proposed project falls within their areas of interest.


Linkages to CBD Initiatives
1. Awareness of biodiversity values
2. Integration of biodiversity values
3. Incentives
4. Use of natural resources
10. Vulnerable ecosystems
12. Preventing extinctions
13. Agricultural biodiversity
15. Ecosystem resilience
18. Traditional knowledge
19. Biodiversity knowledge
Cross Cutting Issues
Contact Person
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Ms. Angelina Pienczykowski
Grants Manager,

Tinker Foundation
55, East 59th Street, New York County, # 21C
New York, New York
10022, United States of America

: apienczykowski@tinker.org
: +1 212-421-6858 |
Primary Organization
Pending Approval
Tinker Foundation (TF)
55, East 59th Street, New York County, # 21C
New York, New York
10022, United States of America

: tinker@tinker.org
: +1 212-421-6858 |

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