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Online Course on Environmental Justice from the University of East Anglia
This free online course will help you understand how injustice is a common feature of many environmental problems. Over 5 weeks, we’ll look at deforestation, biodiversity loss, climate change and other environmental issues, while asking questions .
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Environmental Justice (https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/environmental-justice/2#section-requirements)
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This course is designed for people who are already working on environmental problems or are familiar with environmental issues. It seeks to address environmentalists around the world although a background on international development will be useful.
Candidates will apply online on the provided site.


Linkages to CBD Initiatives
1. Awareness of biodiversity values
2. Integration of biodiversity values
4. Use of natural resources
5. Loss of habitats
6. Sustainable fisheries
7. Areas under sustainable management
8. Pollution
9. Invasive Alien Species
10. Vulnerable ecosystems
11. Protected areas
12. Preventing extinctions
13. Agricultural biodiversity
14. Essential ecosystem services
15. Ecosystem resilience
18. Traditional knowledge
19. Biodiversity knowledge
Scientific and Technical Cooperation
Biodiversity for Development
Chemicals and pollution
Climate Change and Biodiversity
Ecosystem Approach and Restoration
Protected Areas
Invasive Alien Species
Traditional Knowledge, Innovations and Practices
Sustainable Use of Biodiversity
Endangered Species
South-South Cooperation
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