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Research grants of 40,000-450,000 EUR/ year for up to 3 years, with an option to extend, available in Sustainability
We are on a journey to develop and provide more sustainable solutions to guarantee future success and create lasting value for society. We focus on four key aspects: circular economy, digitizing sustainability, responsible & new resources and new bio routes to achieve sustainability in our own processes and enable our customers and stakeholders in theirs. Proposals shall target at least one of the above-mentioned key aspects and consider the social, environmental and economic facet of sustainability by proposing new sustainable products, technologies, sources, processes and business models. Your proposal should consider that we are a a science-driven organization active in healthcare, life science and performance materials sectors. Submit your application containing non-confidential information until 31. August 2021.
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Grants (https://www.emdgroup.com/en/research/open-innovation/2021-research-grants.html)
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The Merck Research Grants Programme is open to scientists at all career stages who are affiliated with any research-based institution, university or company. Applicants submit their application for the focus topics containing non-confidential information only. You may apply for more than one grant or submit your application for more than one focus topic. If your application is successful, you are invited to submit a full proposal under confidentiality and join a deep-dive workshop with the other finalists in November in Darmstadt, Germany. All applicants will be informed about the decision of the selection committee at the beginning of October.
This submissions platform is open during the submissions phase from 15. January 2021- 31. August 2021. Official information about the research grants will be provided through researchgrants.emdgroup.com (US and Canada) or researchgrants.merckgroup.com (all other countries).

Grants (https://www.emdgroup.com/en/research/open-innovation/2021-research-grants.html)

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1. Awareness of biodiversity values
2. Integration of biodiversity values
4. Use of natural resources
10. Vulnerable ecosystems
13. Agricultural biodiversity
14. Essential ecosystem services
Scientific and Technical Cooperation
Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-sharing
Biodiversity for Development
Chemicals and pollution
Handling of Biotechnology
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Merck KGaA Office

Merck KGaA
250, Frankfurter Straße, Darmstadt
Darmstadt, Hessen
64293, Germany

: researchgrants@emdgroup.com
: +49 6151 720 |
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Merck KGaA (MERCK)
250, Frankfurter Straße, Darmstadt
Darmstadt, Hessen
64293, Germany

: researchgrants@emdgroup.com
: +49 6151 720 |

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