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Grants from €100 thousand to €200 thousand for protected and conserved areas in Eastern and Southern Africa from BIOPAMA
Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management (BIOPAMA) supports community-based organizations engaged in the conservation of biodiversity to carry out sustainable conservation measures in protected and conserved areas. Grant size can vary from €100 thousand to €200 thousand. Only partnerships between a non-governmental organization and a community-based organization are eligible to apply. This call for proposals is open for countries located in Eastern and Southern Africa only. The deadline to submit concept note applications is 27 March 2022.
Opportunity Information
Africa - Eastern Africa
Africa - Southern Africa
Project grant

Grants (https://action.biopama.org/mg-2022-esa/)
Detailed Opportunity Information

This call for proposals is targeted at community-managed/co-managed protected and conserved areas. Only partnerships between non-governmental organisations and community-based organisations (NGO-CBO-) are eligible to apply to this type of grant. Community based organisations or non-governmental organisations cannot apply to this grant individually
Applications can be submitted only through the BIOPAMA Action Component online portal. 1) Applicants need to create an account; 2) Applicants can fill in their concept notes offline and then upload the application that can be saved as a draft; 3) Once the application is completed, applicants can submit the final version and click on the “submit” link.


Linkages to CBD Initiatives
Aichi-T1. Awareness of biodiversity values
Aichi-T2. Integration of biodiversity values
Aichi-T4. Use of natural resources
Aichi-T5. Loss of habitats
Aichi-T7. Areas under sustainable management
Aichi-T11. Protected areas
Aichi-T15. Ecosystem resilience
Dry and Sub-Humid Lands
Forest Biodiversity
Protected Areas
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Ms. Carole Martinez
Grant Manager,

Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management

: carole.martinez@iucn.org
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