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Oswaldo Cruz Foundation
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Научно-техническое сотрудничество
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● Capacity-building tools and resources (including case studies, toolkits and reference materials)
● Data/information (collection, analysis, dissemination, storage, processing – e.g. GIS data/imagery)
● Networking and collaboration (including knowledge networks, discussion forums, communities of practice, professional association membership)
● Joint research or joint ventures for development of technical solutions/technologies relevant to biodiversity
● Tools, methodologies, software
● Transfer of technology, specialized knowledge and know-how
https://portal.fiocruz.br/en/biological-collections (https://portal.fiocruz.br/en/biological-collections)
https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/286740v1 (https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/286740v1)
Fiocruz is a 118 years old health institution that realizes basic and applied research, health products, education and outreach to society and we are very interested in developing and strengthening partnerships for sustainable and best use of biodiversity for health and quality of life.
Fiocruz has 33 institutional Biological Collections, representing the diversity of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths, arthropods, mollusks of medical and environmental importance, human and animal histopathological samples, paleoparasitological samples and recent animal feces, as well as herbarium specimens. As sources of genetic resources, the Fiocruz biological collections offer qualified products and services for use in Research, Development and Innovation (R,D & I) that include, among other, the production of inputs for diagnostics, vaccines and drugs. In addition, they are important repositories of Brazilian biodiversity, guaranteeing the ex situ conservation of a wide diversity of organisms since pre-historic times. Fiocruz has developed the Platform for Information System on Wildlife Health (SISS-Geo), a social technology that integrates citizen and experts, through mobile and web application, in the monitoring of wild animals for early warning of the emergence of zoonoses from biodiversity before it affects people. This platform supports health surveillance, species and ecosystem management plans and generates computing geospatial models of favorability of occurrence of infectious agents with the help of more than 5.000 collaborators throughout Brazil. The platform also produces educational materials on good practices for biodiversity relations with health and conducts training and workshops with traditional communities, indigenous communities, health and environmental agents, elementary school teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, and security agents. Fiocruz develops a wide range of scientific outreach activities, where environmental themes and biodiversity are addressed in a continuous way, such as: the Brazilian Health and Environment Olympiad, which takes place over 10 years ago and includes more than 100,000 teachers and students in educational activities for sustainability and quality of life; the Museum of Life with fixed and itinerant exhibitions, the training of postgraduate researchers for the dissemination of science, the Health Channel, an open channel on TV and Video Health where the theme is currently dealt with. The Agroecological Platform of phytomedicines covers postgraduate training in innovation in biodiversity drugs and the Fitos network that integrates and disseminates publications and activities on phytomedicines. Other Fiocruz institutes develop research, vaccines, diagnostic kits and supplies for infectious diseases from biodiversity. In 2017 the Fiocruz Strategy for Agenda 2030 has established to strengthen the reach of SDOs and uses the Agora Virtual Platform as a space for cooperation and exchange of experiences around the objectives. The Platform is aimed at empowering individuals to act in the governance of public policies and health, among them supporting the development of coordinated efforts that structure healthy and sustainable territories
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Ms. Marcia Chame

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation
4365, Avenida Brasil, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

: marcia.chame@fiocruz.br
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Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ)
4365, Avenida Brasil, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

: marcia.chame@fiocruz.br
: +55 21 3882-9192 |