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Bio-Bridge Initiative Provider of Assistance Profile (BBIPRO)

Missouri Botanical Garden Library
Africa - All countries
Americas - All countries
Asia - All countries
Europe - All countries
Oceania - All countries
● Capacity-building tools and resources (including case studies, toolkits and reference materials)
● Data/information (collection, analysis, dissemination, storage, processing – e.g. GIS data/imagery)
● Equipment, infrastructure, supplies
● Expertise (on site experts/consultants, virtual help desk, technical advice and institutional development support)
● Funding support
● Joint research or joint ventures for development of technical solutions/technologies relevant to biodiversity
● Networking and collaboration (including knowledge networks, discussion forums, communities of practice, professional association membership)
● Programme/Project development, delivery and M&E Support
● Technical assessment (e.g. technical studies, capacity assessment)
● Tools, methodologies, software
● Training/learning support (workshops, e-learning, webinars, on-job training, mentorship)
● Transfer of technology, specialized knowledge and know-how
The Missouri Botanical Garden continues to play an active and major role in supporting and implementing the CBD's Global Strategy for Plant Conservation and it works with its partner organizations worldwide to grow awareness, capacity and practical action in plant conservation and environmental education, generally linked to sustainable development (the SDGs) and the Aichi Targets. Its partnership approach is fundamental to all the institutions activities.
TSC is part of the organization’s mandate
TSC projects are underway or under development;
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Peter Wyse Jackson

Missouri Botanical Garden Library

: peter.wysejackson@mobot.org
: +1 314-577-5155 |
Missouri Botanical Garden Library (MBGL)
4500, Shaw Avenue, Southwest Garden
St. Louis, Missouri
63110, United States of America

: library@mobot.org
: +1 314-577-5155 |

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