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COP 9 - Business Events

At COP-9, business engagement will be discussed as part of agenda item 4.13 (Cooperation with Other Conventions, International Organizations and Initiatives and Engagement of Stakeholders). To this effect, the Secretariat has prepared document UNEP/CBD/COP/9/21/Add.1. The latter (1) outlines the development of the ‘business and biodiversity’ agenda since the eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties; (2) provides an overview of efforts by Parties and organizations in implementing decision VIII/17; (3) reports on the business related activities undertaken by the Executive Secretary over 2006-2008; (4) proposes a framework for priority actions on business for 2008-2010; and (5) includes a draft decision.

Business engagement is relevant to many other issues tabled for discussion at COP-9 (see provisional agenda).

Many initiatives, projects and publications will be showcased in Bonn.

To help participants better plan their stay in Bonn, the Secretariat has prepared a guide to business related events at COP-9.

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Business at COP 9 Guide to business related events at COP 9
last updated on 15 May 2008