Welcome to COP 9

COP 9 - CEPA Fair

The CEPA fair takes place in the Ministry of Transport, located at the northern part of the Plaza of Diversity, 1 Robert Schumann Platz. Room 105

Schedule of Presentations

Thursday 29 May 2008



To showcase and share our activities / experiences engaging with mostly local communities for the importance of Borneo island thus impacting bio-diversity of our bigger audiences in the archipelagic state, Indonesia, and to the world in general.



Surf the Global grid is a 3 month long competition of 10 German school classes where participants "surf" a given longitude and identify partner schools along this longitude. The task is to establish contact and exchange photos and some text about biodiversity. The competition is an example of a Public-Private-Partnership (German SchoolNet, German Book Publisher and German Gov. Administration BfN). The school class will present their findings and report on their experience in implementing this activity within their normal school life.



Young people the world over have a very keen sense of injustice, combined with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to working for a “better world.” However, they can only successfully formulate their messages and create exposure for them if they have appropriate forums in which to form their opinions and make their needs heard. During the 9th Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), 50 young adults from all over the world, aged between 18 and 25, will be given a joint political platform on which to express their concerns about issues connected with CBD and hold discussions with decision-makers.

Friday 30 May 2008



The mission of GRID-Arendal is to provide environmental information, communications and capacity building services for information management and assessment. Established to strengthen the United Nations through its Environment Programme (UNEP), our focus is to make credible, science-based knowledge understandable to the public and to decision-making for sustainable development.


EUROPEAN UNION-CHINA Biodiversity programme

Biodiversity in China has both global significance and considerable local economic and cultural value. China is one of the ten ‘mega-diverse’ countries, with approximately 10% of all species. The EU-China Biodiversity Programme aims at strengthening sound biodiversity management in all sectors. The Programme will develop the capacity of CEPA, as the secretariat of China Steering Committee for the implementation of the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD), to establish effective systems of monitoring and feed-back and implementation.