Please note that this country profile has been prepared by the Secretariat on the basis of information provided in the NBSAP and national reports, but has not been reviewed by the Party concerned.

Status and Trends of Biodiversity


Forests cover 85% of Gabon, while savannahs, mangroves and wetlands, among others, cover the remaining 15%. Forests in Gabon comprise an estimated 8000 plant species with a 20% endemism rate. The Monts de Cristal constitute Gabon’s richest region, and probably one of the richest in all tropical Africa, in terms of the number of plant species... More »

National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan

Major features of National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

The NBSAP comprises two types of objectives. The “development objective” aims to integrate biodiversity conservation issues in economic development planning, and the “specific objective” aims to exploit and protect biodiversity in a sustainable manner. Activities will be undertaken in regard to: forests; freshwater; marine and coastal zones; agrobiodiversity; local and indigenous knowledge; biosafety; protected areas; and public participation... More »

NOTE: Visitors to the CBD website are advised to consult section VII of the sixth national report for updated information on the themes contained in the country profile below.

National Contacts

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Convention on Biological Diversity

M. Stanislas Stephen Mouba
CBD Primary NFP
M. Emmanuel Bayani Ngoyi
CBD Secondary NFP, CHM NFP, Traditional Knowledge NFP
Mme. Chimène Michelle Milendji Koumba, épouse Ntougou
Dr. Flore A. Koumba Pambo
Mr. Jean Bruno Mikissa
M. Guy Alfred Mouity
Protected Areas NFP

Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

Mme. Chimène Michelle Milendji Koumba, épouse Ntougou
M. Paul Simon Loundou
Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
Mr. Jean Bruno Mikissa
Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP