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Main References

Status and Trends of Biodiversity


Although less than 1% of the country is currently under protection, a few protected areas exist, which are the Sehlabathebe National Park, the Tsehlanyane National Park, the Bokong Nature Reserve and the Masitise Nature Reserve. Lesotho has listed the Letsa-la-Letsie wetland in the Quthing district as a wetland of international significance... More »

Implementation of the Convention

Measures Taken to Achieve the 2010 Target

Lesotho mentions that many objectives related to the 2010 target are included in the NBSAP, notably in regard to invasive alien species. Efforts are under way to increase the protected area coverage through ongoing conservation programmes. In regard to specific work programmes, Lesotho intends, for example, to promote diversification of agriculture to help ensure food security... More »

Initiatives for Article 8(j)

The Government has taken measures to strengthen the capacity of indigenous and local communities and to enhance their involvement in decision-making processes, notably through assistance for the formation of interest groups such as Traditional Healers, Initiators, Herders and Artisans Associations. Also, the Environment Act 2001 and Environment policy have provisions that foster and promote effective participation of indigenous and local communities in decision-making processes... More »

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National Contacts

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Convention on Biological Diversity

Ms. Qongqong Hoohlo
Mr. Maboi Alphonce Mahula
SBSTTA NFP, Traditional Knowledge NFP

Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

Mr. Maboi Alphonce Mahula
Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP, Cartagena Protocol emergency contact point
Mr. Thabiso Leballo