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San Marino - Country Profile

The national targets (or equivalent) presented in this database are taken from the NBSAPs received since COP-10, fifth national reports or from documents submitted separately. The mapping of national targets to the Aichi Biodiversity Targets by the Party concerned is indicated in the last column “Related Aichi Target(s)”. All Parties are encouraged to undertake this mapping exercise and to submit this information to SCBD for incorporation in this database.

Reference Target Related Strategic Goals/Aichi Targets
Primary Objective 1 Guarantee a legally binding protection for biodiversity
Priority Area 1 Create legal instruments to protect endangered species and ecosystems.
Priority Area 2 Promote the knowledge of the environmental legal framework in order to boost their observance and optimize their implementation.
Priority Area 3 Promote a sustainable management and development of hunting practices.
Priority Area 4 Integrate where possible the concept of biodiversity protection inside law drafts about the management of the territory.
Primary Objective 2 Use natural resources and ecosystems in a sustainable way in order to preserve biodiversity.
Priority Area 5 Guarantee a sustainable urban development by managing the use of soil to have the smallest possible impact on biodiversity.
Priority Area 6 Restore aquatic environments by guaranteeing a sufficient qualitative profile to sustain a multitude of organisms.
Primary Objective 3 Increase the knowledge of the biological diversity heritage of the territory.
Priority Area 7 Carry out research, monitoring and projects to deepen the current knowledge on biodiversity.
Primary Objective 4 Promote a broad and easily accessible knowledge of biodiversity.
Priority Area 8 Promote an effective education on the concept of biodiversity in schools.
Priority Area 9 Enhance ecotourism to promote the biodiversity heritage of San Marino.
Priority Area 10 Create a platform to enhance the Clearing-House Mechanism and to promote the free flow of information between the research bodies and the population.