The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) through its Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau took the lead, in partnership with other national government agencies and NGOs at the national level, in organizing a variety of activities in celebration of the International day for Biological Diversity. The DENR field offices, through the Protected Areas, Wildlife and Coastal Zone Management Services spearheaded the celebrations at the regional and local levels.

IBD-related activities in the Philippines included:

5 May onwards:
  • Streamers displayed in Metro Manila
  • Radio and TV plugs

19 May:
  • Soft opening program at the DENR Central office during the flag raising ceremony, where all bureaus and attached agencies of the DENR congregate on Monday.

19 to 25 May: 7-Day Trade Fair/Exhibit at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center
  • The trade fair provided a venue for (a) the general public to appreciate the value, uses and products derived from agro-biodiversity; (b) provide the business sector with a venue to promote agro-biodiversity products; and (c) give the general public an opportunity to avail of these products at affordable prices.
  • The trade fair showcased organic agricultural products derived from biodiversity.
  • Exhibit on Biodiversity and Agriculture
  • Exhibit featured agro-biodiversity, particularly those endemic species that are now being lost.

20 May: On-the-spot art contest (Ampitheater, NAPWC) with the theme “Biodiversity and Agriculture”
  • The contest was open to all interested individuals. Each contestant prepared an artwork (mosaic) using materials derived from agricultural crops/products.

22 May: Forum on “Biodiversity and Agriculture: Safeguarding Biodiversity and Securing Food for Filipinos”
  • Aim of the forum was to: (a) draw the attention of key stakeholders on the need to integrate biodiversity consideration in agricultural production; (b) initiate discussion on the development or enhancement of national strategies, programmes and plans on sustainable agriculture and conservation of agricultural biodiversity; (c) come-up with a forum resolution on stakeholder’s commitment to pursue a concrete work programmme or action plan on sustainable agriculture and the conservation of agro-biodiversity.

23 May: Closing Program
  • Certificates of appreciation/recognition awarded to participants.