To mark the International Day for Biological Diversity in 2008, a new website was opened for the Finnish national program for plant genetic resources by the Agrifood Research Finland (MTT). The new website is currently only available in Finnish, but it is also being updated and translated into English.

The website in Finnish can be found at:

Information on MTT can be found in English at:

The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Nature Division celebrated IBD by publishing a fact sheet on The Unique Nordic Landraces to learn why the Nordic landrace livestock breeds and crop varieties must be protected and conserved. The fact sheet was published by the Nordic project Nordic Nature - Trends towards 2010.

As a cooperative project financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM), thematic fact sheets are published on the Internet. The aim of the project is to identify trends and status of biological diversity in the Nordic countries towards the realization of the 2010 target. The fact sheets, targeted towards readers interested in the trends and future of the biological diversity in the Nordic countries, present best practices and success stories of conservation of biological diversity in the Nordic countries – as well as unsuccessful cases. You are welcome to print out and distribute the fact sheets.

Information about the project can be found here.