Syria celebrated the International Day for Biological Diversity by organizing activities from 17 May to 10 June 2008 including a variety of events:

Ministry of Local Administration and Environment

  • Workshop and training course on "Introduction to CITES and Enforcement Training". The workshop illustrated the importance the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) to protect all species from the risk of international trading.

  • Workshop on the "Regional Project for Development of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas in the Mediterranean Region".

  • Television interview with the Director of Biodiversity and Protected Areas Directorate in the General Commission for Environmental Affairs (Dr. Akram Eissa Darwish) about the Convention on Biological Diversity and the theme of “IBD” to increase the awareness of Biodiversity issues.

  • Workshop on "International Funding Methods for Biodiversity Projects".

Syrian Society for Conservation of Wildlife (SSCW)

  • SSCW held, in cooperation with General Commission for Management and Development of Al Badia (Steppe), a consultative meeting with all relevant national institutions and local communities (including governmental institutions, hunters, farmers, etc.) in and around Palmyra city in the centre of Syria on "Difficulties facing the protection of the Bald Ibis bird and a future national action plan for its protection".

  • Several articles in different press media on biodiversity on the occasion of the International Day on Biological Diversity. Articles covered subjects including:
    • Loss of forest area due to land use changes.
    • Importance of agricultural biodiversity for food security.
    • The importance of biodiversity for human nutrition and improved rural livelihoods.