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27 July 2016

Agriculture and Biodiversity
Science Daily, 2016-07-27
Plant scientists have made an important advance in understanding the natural diversity of a key plant enzyme which could help us address the looming threat of global food security.

26 July 2016

Agriculture and Biodiversity
Inter Press Service News Agency, 2016-07-26
LOUIS TRICHARDT, South Africa, Jul 26 2016 (IPS) - Brightly coloured cans, bags of fertilizer and packets containing all types of seeds catch the eye upon entering Nancy Khorommbi’s agro dealer shop tucked at the corner of a roadside service station.

25 July 2016

Agriculture and Biodiversity
Deutsche Welle, 2016-07-25
Tomatoes are a staple food in Nigeria. From farmers in the northern states to traders across the country, many depend on the fruit for a living. But climate change and the tomato moth have hit the industry hard.
Christian Science Monitor, 2016-07-25
Among the findings of a new report is that 60 percent of human-induced nitrous oxide emissions—which have a global warming potential that is 300 times higher than CO2—come from agriculture.

21 July 2016

Agriculture and Biodiversity
Inter Press Service News Agency, 2016-07-21
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Jul 21 2016 (IPS) - After a half century of decline, agricultural commodity prices rose with oil prices in the 1970s, and again for a decade until 2014. Food prices rose sharply from the middle of the last decade, but have been declining since 2012, and especially since last year, triggering concerns of declining investments by farmers.

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