2018 IDB Celebrations

2018.05.22 09:00
2018.05.22 16:00

The Australian Museum (AM) and a team from Bunnings Warehouse today helped Camdenville Primary School students build a frog pond, marking the launch of the National Frog Pond Building Project. The National Frog Pond Project supports AMs national citizen-science project, FrogID and will be rolled out nationally with the help of local Bunnings stores. AM and Bunnings team members will work with local schools to build and develop frog ponds in schools across Australia to help raise awareness about the importance of frogs and the environment.

2018.05.20 00:00
2018.05.22 23:59

During 20-22 May, all global citizens are invited to find and identify as many wild animals and plants as you can from your parts of the world through the QuestaGame app. While having fun with nature, you are also contributing to scientific research and biodiversity conservation at the same time! Your quest is to protect life on Earth!