2018 IDB Celebrations

In the past twenty-five years, global environmental governance mechanisms such as the CBD have helped countries in the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) sustain mountain biodiversity. Although meeting the CBD’s national and global targets is a tremendous challenge, this IBD is an opportunity for us to reflect on what we might count as our major achievements and what we have yet to do.

2018.05.22 09:00
2018.05.22 15:30

At the event site, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly issued the "China Red List of Biodiversity - Fungi Volume" and "2018 China Biological Species List." The site also features a science exhibition on biodiversity and a natural art exhibition of biodiversity.   More than 120 representatives from the members of the China National Committee for Biodiversity Conservation, relevant UN agencies, the French Embassy in China, international environmental protection organizations, research institutes, enterprises, and environmental protection social groups attended the event.