2018 IDB Celebrations

2018.05.22 08:00
2018.05.22 18:30

A call for Biodiversity Awards 2018 was made by the committee to identify the national successes in implementing the convention. Other objectives are: Awareness raisingand documentation and publication of the best practices. A workshop was organized to present success stories and then to distribute awards for the three top success stories. The Minister of Environment addressed the workshop in the opening session reflecting the commitments taken by the government including adoption of National Biodiversity Strategy and Action plan and the importance of its mainstreaming in the national development plans. The secretary general also addressed the workshop highlighting the importance of coordination and information sharing for conservation of biodiversity. He reflected the newly established of national biodiversity database.

2018.05.22 13:01
2018.05.22 19:57

The celebration of the International Day for Biodiversity (IDB) is considered as an opportunity for awareness raising on the importance of the biodiversity and its conservation. The theme of this year 2018 is "Celebrating 25 Years of Action for Biodiversity". At the national level, the celebration of IDB was organized by the Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources - Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Physical Development under the theme of this year 2018 "Celebrating 25 Years of Action for Biodiversity". Several institutions participated in this event including, Local communities and private sectorز Sudan country plans to celebrate nationally this day in multifold approach, in this regard a high committee was formed to organize a celebration in Sudan, consequently sub committees were split and assigned for different tasks. The Biodiversity National Committee Prepared a plan for this event including different activities among them;  Success stories and best