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Trinidad and Tobago

2018 IDB Celebrations

2018.05.23 09:00
2018.05.23 10:00

To commemorate International Day for Biodiversity, the Environmental Policy and Planning Division (EPPD) of the Ministry of Planning and Development (MPD) conducted School Lectures to students of the East Mucurapo Secondary School on the Benefits and Threats to Biodiversity, and on Local Biodiversity of Trinidad and Tobago. These lectures were interactive and designed to raise awareness, and to take positive environmental action to protect nature and our biodiversity.

2018.05.20 13:00
2018.05.20 17:00

The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) in collaboration with United National Development Small Grants Programme (UNDP-SGP), IA Movement/Vetiver TT and Sustrust launched the GEF-IWEco Rehabilitation of Quarries Project "Promoting quarry rehabilitation for a rock sold future". The launch was undertaken to commemorate International Day for Biodiversity and conducted on the United Way Nation Day of Caring on May 20th at Pit 5, Trinidad and Tobago National Quarries, Turure Road, Sangre Grande. On the day of the launch activities included interactive discussions with knowledgeable persons on plant and quarry rehabilitation; introduction of the project partners; signing of a Letter of Agreement between the EMA and National Quarries; talks about vetiver grass planting, tree planting and mulching; and commencement of quarry rehabilitation activities. 300 volunteers planted 4,000 Vetiver plants and 75 sapling trees of various species, which translates to about 400 meters of soil stabiliz

The University School is implementing a school project under the Learning about Forests (LEAF) Programme aimed at increasing knowledge about the key role forests play in sustaining life on our planet through outdoor and classroom learning. The University School is specifically focusing on Biodiversity and Climate Change. As part of the activities under this project the School replanted 114 red mangrove seedlings at a degraded area within the Caroni Swamp on May 22, 2018 to commemorate International Day of Biodiversity. Red mangrove was chosen as its prop roots would assist in the stabilization of the bank from erosion. The Ministry of Planning and Development in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Affairs and the Forestry Division supported this important initiative through knowledge sharing and technical assistance. The activity took place at Channel No 9. Caroni Swamp from 12 noon-6:00 pm.