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2018 IDB Celebration

2018.05.20 11:00
2018.05.27 17:00

The true beauty of Urungach which can be compared with the Swiss Alps only attracts over 1,000 tourists every weekend from March to September. The number of visitors in the hottest days of this August reaches 1,700 people! Urungach Lake and its environs is important for eleven bird species of the Eurasian High Montane Biome (Alpine and Tibetan) and two endangered species. One can regularly see Cinereous Vulture, Lesser Kestrels, Egyptian Vultures, Lammergeiers and Golden Eagles. All activities on this site are aimed at changing tourists’ attitudes to the problem of lake pollution caused by household waste. In short, we are going to target tourists visiting this site at the entrance to the territory and give out garbage bags with special stickers. Demonstrating two pictures to compare clean lake with polluted one we will try to persuade site visitors to pick up their own waste. Special #ЯзаЧистый #Урунгоч digital campaign is launched on Facebook in order to motivate and promote those w

Акция на озере Урунгaч направлена на изменение отношения отдыхающих к проблеме загрязнения озера и прилежащей территории.