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Initial Meeting on Knowledge Management in the context of MEAs and Conventions

22-24 September 2009, Chexbres, Switzerland


In 2006, UNEP's Division of Environmental Law and Conventions (UNEP/DELC) initiated a knowledge management programme for Multilateral Environment Agreements (MEAs). This programme mostly consisted of various projects focusing on sharing strategic information, harmonization of national reporting, and developing issue-based modules for coherent implementation of MEAs.

UNEP/DELC then increased its commitment to knowledge and information management. This was inspired by the renewed emphasis placed on information and communication tools throughout the United Nations system, as evidenced by the JIU and OIOS reports on Knowledge Management (JIU/REP/2007/6 and E/AC.51/2006/2) as well as on the reiterated calls for better integration of MEAs to contribute to more effective international environmental governance (JIU/REP/2008/3).

This meeting built on joint efforts by UNEP/DELC and UNEP-WCMC in order to create the necessary preconditions for effective knowledge and information management in the field of environment, such as enhanced data interoperability between biodiversity-related conventions and other related initiatives.

Meeting Summary

The purpose of the meeting was to assess what can be done in the short and medium term to create a sound base for knowledge management, and to discuss concrete information management initiatives, including a legal analytical index similar to those of the WTO and the ILO for the area of international environmental law.

The workshop consisted of three parts as described in the agenda available in Annex 1.
  • Day 1. Stocktaking of interoperability needs.
  • Day 2. Discussion in breakout groups and presentation of interoperability projects.
  • Day 3. Concrete way ahead.

The meeting was attended by about 20 participants from various MEAs and other partners (CBD, CITES, CMS, AEWA, Ramsar, Basel/Rotterdam/Stockholm Conventions, FAO/ITPGRFA, UNESCO/WHC, Tematea, UNEP-WCMC, UNEP/DCPI & UNON).

The meeting documentation and related references are available below. For further information, please contact Ms. Eva Durchschlag-Duer, Programme Officer, Knowledge Management Unit at UNEP/DELC (

Meeting Documents & Related References

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