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First MEA IKM Working Group Meeting

3-4 February 2010, Geneva, Switzerland


In September 2009, UNEP/DELC convened a meeting on Knowledge Management and MEAs to create the necessary preconditions for effective knowledge and information management in the field of environment, such as enhanced data interoperability between biodiversity-related conventions and other related initiatives. Further to this initial meeting, two groups were created: a Working Group and a Steering Committee, with a first meeting of the Working Group scheduled for early 2010.

Meeting Summary

This meeting was organized by the UNEP/DELC team on MEA Information and Knowledge Management led by Ms. Eva Duer. It was attended by around 10 representatives/experts from various MEAs (CBD, CITES, CMS, Montreal Protocol, Basel, Rotterdam & Stockholm Conventions, and UNESCO WHC).

The main objective was to determine how to exchange key information between MEAs and analyze specific information types (decisions, meetings) for the implementation of a proof-of-concept project by June 2010. There was also a video conference with Mr. John Kamea, UNEP's high-level ICT advisor, to discuss how this initiative should be integrated in a UNEP-wide strategy on information and knowledge management that fully takes into account the specific role of the MEAs.

Throughout the meeting, participants shared a common vision on how to take advantage of modern technologies to better share information from various MEAs.

The meeting documentation and related references are available below. For further information, please contact Ms. Eva Durchschlag-Duer, Programme Officer, Knowledge Management Unit at UNEP/DELC (

Meeting Documents & Related References

More documents will soon be available.

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