Cartagena Protocol COP-MOP 7

CEPA Fair for COP-MOP 7

A fair on national experiences with the implementation of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety as part of the Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) under the Convention on Biodiversity was held on the margins of COP-MOP 7 from 29 September to 3 October 2013 in Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea.

The fair, which was jointly organized by the Government of the Republic of Korea, as the host of COP-MOP 7, and the CBD Secretariat, provided Parties, other Governments and relevant organizations with the opportunity to showcase their national experiences, good practices and lessons learned on various themes, including:

• Best practices and experiences in implementing the objectives of the Protocol while contributing to the achievement of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity for 2011-2020

• Experiences and lessons learned from the development and implementation of National Biosafety Frameworks (NBFs)

• Experiences and lessons learned in the design and implementation of Biosafety capacity-building activities

• Experiences with the use of the Biosafety Clearing-House

• Outreach materials for raising public awareness, education and participation concerning the safe transfer, handling and use of living modified organisms.

Participating governments and organizations were able to present their activities and outputs in a variety of formats, including posters, printed material, CD-ROMs, video and/or PowerPoint presentations.


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Presentation at the CEPA fair during COP-MOP 7
Posters at COP-MOP 7
Posters at the CEPA fair during COP-MOP 7