ID 4781
Government Colombia
Submitted for Seventh Ordinary Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 7)
Main Information
Title Incentivos para la Concervacion y Uso Sostenible de la Biodiversidad, Colombia
Description An ad hoc working group on incentive measures was formed by representatives of the National Department for Planning (Departamento Nacional de Planeacion), WWF, Red de Reservas Naturales de la Sociedad Civil, Alexander von Humboldt Institute, Unidad Administrativa Especial del Sistema de Parques Nacionales Naturales). The group, in collaboration with various experts and stakeholders, developed technical proposals for the design and implementation of incentive measures. This work is summarized in the publication “Incentivos para la Concervacion y Uso Sostenible de la Biodiversidad” published by the Alexander von Humboldt Institute in 2000.
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Additional Information
Countries Colombia
Ecosystems Agricultural Biodiversity
Forest Biodiversity
Inland Waters Biodiversity
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Mountain Biodiversity
Regions Latin America and the Caribbean
Incentive Measures Environmental Funds / Investments
Indirect Incentives (property rights, market creation)
Negative Incentives (taxes, levies,...)
Positive Incentives (subsidies, tax breaks, ...)
Reform of Perverse Incentives
Regulations / Access Restrictions
Keywords Environmental funds
Use / hunting permits / licensing
Support payment
Subsidy reform
Strengthening property rights (land tenure, ...)
Revenue sharing with communities
Pollution taxes/levies
Parks and reserves
Market creation (organic production, tourism, ...)
Land-use covenants and certification