Overview on Implementation

Achievements made under the programme of work generally fall into the following categories.

The development of international policy guidance to assist Parties and governments in addressing incentive measures

Aichi target three of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity for the 2011-2020 period directly relates to incentive measures, while Aichi Biodiversity Target 2 relates to the assessment of the various values of biodiversity. The Conference of the Parties has also emphasized that achieving Aichi Biodiversity Target 3 can also contribute to achieving Aichi Biodiversity Target 20 on resource mobilization.

Target 2 By 2020, at the latest, biodiversity values have been integrated into national and local development and poverty reduction strategies and planning processes and are being incorporated into national accounting, as appropriate, and reporting systems.

Target 3: By 2020, at the latest, incentives, including subsidies, harmful to biodiversity are eliminated, phased out or reformed in order to minimize or avoid negative impacts, and positive incentives for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity are developed and applied, consistent and in harmony with the Convention and other relevant international obligations, taking into account national socio-economic conditions.

Target 20 By 2020, at the latest, the mobilization of financial resources for effectively implementing the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 from all sources, and in accordance with the consolidated and agreed process in the Strategy for Resource Mobilization, should increase substantially from the current levels. This target will be subject to changes contingent to resource needs assessments to be developed and reported by Parties.

The twelfth meeting of the Conference of the Parties adopted milestones for implementing Aichi Biodiversity Target 3 (see Annex I of the decision) and also welcomed modalities for its effective implementation, as contained in the pertinent document.

Earlier policy guidance was developed in form on the Proposals for Design and Implementation of Incentive Measures and in the form of the Options for the Application of Tools for Valuation of Biodiversity and Biodiversity Resources and Functions. Proposals on the Application of Ways and Means to Remove or Mitigate Perverse Incentives are also available, as voluntary interim guidance.

The gathering and dissemination of technical and analytical information on incentive measures, including case studies, lessons learnt, and good practices

The Conference of the Parties decided to put more emphasis on the implementation of the programme of work through enhanced sharing of information on good practices, lessons learned, difficulties encountered, and other practical experience on its implementation, as well as assessments, studies, analyses, and capacity building. Pertinent information is available in the database on incentive measures, in form of synthesis reports, as well as in form of technical series documents.

An international expert workshop, held in October 2009, identified lessons learned and good practice cases in identifying and removing or mitigating harmful incentives, and in promoting positive incentive measures.

A progress report on implementing Article 11, based on submissions received from Parties and relevant organizations, was considered by the Conference of the Parties at its eleventh meeting.


The Secretariat is cooperating closely with a range of international partners in implementing Article 11 and subsequent guidance provided by the Conference of the Parties. Detailed information is provided in the pertinent webpages.