Economics, Trade and Incentive Measures

ID 5481
Submitting Entity Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
Submitted for Fifth Ordinary Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 5)
Main Information
Title Economic incentives for the protection of wildlife in Mexico: the case of Ovis canadensis (big-horned sheep)
Description The case study examines economic incentive measures for the protection of the wild big-horned sheep Ovis canadensis, which lives in the mountainous arid and semi-arid areas in the north west of Mexico. There are two principal types of threat to the sheep: general degradation of its habitat and the ecosystem it lives in through, for example, urban development or agricultural expansion; and the more specific, often illegal, activities of individuals which affect it, such as hunting, collection of wild flowers, introduction of 
exotic species, etc. To a permanent end to the process of degradation, a solution is needed that provides new economic opportunities for the local people whose current activities lead to these pressures. It was found that the imposition of regulations alone, without proper monitoring and local community participation, are insufficient. One proposed solution is to give 
marketable permits for hunting the sheep to the local community, who can then 
sell these on the international market. This will provide a source of income for the local population and give them an incentive to ensure hunting is kept at a sustainable level in order to maximize these incomes over time.
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Additional Information
Source Study prepared for and summarized in the 1999 OECD Handbook on Incentive Measures for Biodiversity: Design and Implementation. Oganization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris.
Countries Mexico
Ecosystems Dry and Sub-Humid Lands Biodiversity
Mountain Biodiversity
Regions Latin America and the Caribbean
Incentive Measures Indirect Incentives (property rights, market creation)
Regulations / Access Restrictions
Keywords Access restrictions
Strengthening property rights (land tenure, ...)
Use / hunting permits / licensing
Tradable permits/use rights
Wildlife trade