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Title OECD 2003 Environmentally Harmful Subsidies: Policy Issues and Challenges
Description The OECD and other institutions collect data on subsidies given to a range 
of sectors for different purposes, using different accounting frameworks. Yet it 
is possible to identify some common elements in subsidy measurement. The 
various concepts, definitions and measurement of subsidies were reviewed in 
the OECD Workshop on Environmentally Harmful Subsidies, and a start was 
made on determining whether subsidies are harmful for the environment, or 
their removal beneficial. The Workshop brought together around 100 subsidy 
experts from OECD countries, research institutes, international and nongovernmental 
organisations, delegates from OECD countries and OECD 
This publication contains four of the key papers presented at the 
Workshop, together with a summary of the Workshop outcomes. All of the 
papers that were presented at the Workshop, including background papers on 
measuring subsidies in different sectors and a stocktaking of available data on 
subsidies, are available on the OECD website ( 
A list of the papers is provided in Annex A to this report.
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Ecosystems Polar Biodiversity
Mountain Biodiversity
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Incentive Measures Reform of Perverse Incentives
Keywords Environmental incentives
Environmental economics
Environmental subsidies
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