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Title OECD Work on Defining and Measuring Subsidies in Fisheries
Description The purpose in this paper is to provide details of the OECD’s work on GFTs, particularly in 
terms of definition, collection, use and dissemination. Some observations on ways in which the data could be potentially improved are also provided. Finally, the key insights from the OECD’s work on fisheries transfers are outlined and a number of issues discussed in the context of defining and measuring environmentally harmful subsidies in the sector. At the outset in this paper, it should be noted that the Committee has used the term “government financial transfers” in preference to the more general term “subsidies”. This is because, in general usage, subsidies encompass more than just the explicit transfer of money from the public purse to the sector. Since subsidies in general also include implicit transfers from consumers to the industry, GFTs are considered to be a subset of the whole range of subsidies.
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Authors Cox, Anthony
Ecosystems Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Regions Global
Western Europe and Others
Incentive Measures Reform of Perverse Incentives
Keywords Fisheries
Fishery policies
Fishery production
Environmental incentives
Environmental economics
Environmental subsidies
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  • United Nations Environment Programme