ID 62748
Submitting Entity Netherlands, in cooperation with IFC, UNEP, IUCN, and the CBD Secretariat
Submitted for Fourteenth meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA 14)
Main Information
Title An international market-based instrument to finance biodiversity conservation: towards a Green Development Mechanism
Description The Expert Workshop on a Green Development Mechanism was held on 9-10 
February 2009 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The aim was to discuss the potential 
for a global financial mechanism aimed at addressing biodiversity loss: a Green 
Development Mechanism (GDM). Participants at the Workshop included 
representatives from national governments, the private sector, international 
organisations, NGOs and academia. The objectives of the Workshop were as follows: 
1) To establish whether there is a valid case for a GDM. This case rests partly on 
the significance of biodiversity loss as a global problem. It also relies on the 
absence of existing instruments to address the problem. 
2) To agree on the necessary features that a GDM must have if it is to be 
3) To develop one or more proposals for the form a GDM might take. 
4) To generate a possible plans of work for the further development of a GDM.
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Additional Information
Authors Mullan, K. and T, Swanson
Ecosystems Biodiversity for Development
Regions Global
Incentive Measures Positive Incentives (subsidies, tax breaks, ...)
  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme