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Submitting Entity Resources for the Future
Main Information
Title Marine Reserves: Is there a Free Lunch?
Description The concept of marine reserves is to set aside significant areas of the marine environmental for limited or controlled use. Some proponents see marine reserves as unique natural laboratories to be utilized as benchmarks and objects of study in order to understand relatively undisturbed natural system. Others see marine reserves as potential policy tools with which to enhance the benefits of coastal ecosystems generally. Most vocal objections to marine reserves come from fishers presently exploiting areas under consideration as set-asides.
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Additional Information
Authors James N. Sanchirico, James E. Wilen
Source Resources for the Future (1998).
Ecosystems Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Regions Global
Incentive Measures Indirect Incentives (property rights, market creation)
Regulations / Access Restrictions
Keywords Ecosystem approach
Parks and reserves