ID 67347
Main Information
Title Payments for Environmental Services and Ecological Fiscal Transfers: Examples and perspectives for the future
Description Power Point Presentation on Payments for Ecosystem Services; from the workshop: Chronically Underfinanced – Mobilization of Additional Resources for Biodiversity held on 30 January 2010 Bonn, Germany.
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Additional Information
Authors Ms. Irene Ring, Department of Economics, Das Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ (Centre for Environmental Research, UFZ)
Source Chronically Underfinanced – Mobilization of Additional Resources for Biodiversity, Workshop, 30 January 2010, Bonn
Countries Brazil
Ecosystems Polar Biodiversity
Biodiversity for Development
Agricultural Biodiversity
Dry and Sub-Humid Lands Biodiversity
Forest Biodiversity
Inland Waters Biodiversity
Island Biodiversity
Mountain Biodiversity
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Regions Latin America and the Caribbean
Western Europe and Others
Incentive Measures Positive Incentives (subsidies, tax breaks, ...)
Keywords Payments for ecosystem services
Ecological Fiscal Transfers
  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme