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Title Strenghtening indicators and accounting systems for natural capital
Description TEEB Chapter 3: Strengthening indicators and accounting systems for natural capital 
Chapter 3 highlights the importance of measurement of ecosystems and biodiversity for the proper stewardship of our ‘natural capital’. 3.1 introduces the key issues, underlining the predominance of GDP and economic measurement in political decisions, and 
argues that this needs to be complemented by other measures. 3.2 looks at useful types of measurement – e.g. in the policy cycle, where they help develop and communicate an understanding of the relationship between drivers and effect – and then in more depth 
at the role of biodiversity indicators and tools for measuring ecosystem services. 3.3 shows how such indicators feed into mainstream economic aggregates: it focuses on macro and societal indicators and indices to ‘measure the true wealth of nations’, comparing 
traditional tools with available equivalent indicators that take nature into account. 3.4 presents indicators and aggregate measures as an integral component of accounts: it explains the current System of National Accounts and shows what can usefully be done to 
improve its ability to measure nature systematically in a national framework. 3.5 completes the picture by discussing ways to better measure the social dimension – by looking at ‘GDP of the Poor’.
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Source TEEB for Policy Makers Summary document
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