Economics, Trade and Incentive Measures

ID 75571
Government Ireland
Main Information
Title The Economic and Social Aspects of Biodiversity Benefits and Costs of Biodiversity in Ireland
Description This report has been commissioned by the Biodiversity Unit of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government to identify the nature and scale of benefits that we, as a society, derive from biodiversity. It is important that public goods, including those supplied by nature, are reflected in decision making. It is also important to ensure that the benefits of policies which protect biodiversity are at least commensurate with the costs of such policies. While the scope of this report is far from comprehensive and can only aspire here to a preliminary assessment, it is clear that the benefits of biodiversity far exceed the costs of current levels of biodiversity protection.
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Additional Information
Authors Bullock, C., Kretch, C. & Candon, E. (2008)
Countries Ireland
Regions Western Europe and Others
Incentive Measures Economic Valuation
Keywords Socioeconomic development