ID 8345
Government Czech Republic
Submitted for Tenth meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA 10)
Main Information
Title Analysis of Public Subsidies in the Czech Republic with an Adverse Environmental Impact that are not in Accord with the Principles of Sustainable Development
Description An analysis was carried out on public subsidies which have an adverse impact on the environment, and subsidies which are not in accordance with principles of sustainable development. The project considered public subsidies from various sources, including state and local governments budgets, which have adverse effects on the environment, with a view (i) to evaluate the environmental and economic effects of public subsidies in general, (ii) to identify those subsidies with significant impacts on the environment, (iii) select subsidies that are suitable for an immediate detailed evaluation, determined especially by the availability of data, and evaluate these subsidies, in form of case studies, according to a common methodology, and (iv) to elaborate proposals for the adjustment and changes of the contemporary system of providing subsidies.
The detailed evaluation of selected subsidies with significant impacts on the environment was undertaken in form of six case studies on: (i) System support for the development of municipal transit; (ii) State finances invested into road and rail traffic; (iii) Support for reconstructing apartment blocks built using prefabricated concrete panel technology, and support for the construction of rented apartments and buildings providing social care services; (iv) Support of infrastructure development in small municipalities – support of general conversion to gas; (v) Support of agricultural primary production through returning part of excise taxes; (vi) Support for land-use planning.
In addition to these detailed analyses, the project also addressed a number of other public support programmes and gave recommendations thereon. Support in the following sectors and programmes were considered: agriculture, water management, forest management, the tax system in general, industry and the public sector.
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Additional Information
Authors The CzechEnvironmental Institute, BDO CS s.r.o. and City Plan S.r.o.
Countries Czech Republic
Ecosystems Agricultural Biodiversity
Regions Central and Eastern Europe
Incentive Measures Reform of Perverse Incentives
  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme