Economics, Trade and Incentive Measures

ID 8348
Government European Union
Submitted for Tenth meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA 10)
Main Information
Title Incentive measures in the European Union
Description The submission from the European Community and its Member States, includes information on incentive measures in the European Community in general as well as on three Member States, namely, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Spain.
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Additional Information
Authors The European Community and its Member States
Countries European Union
Netherlands (Kingdom of the)
Regions Central and Eastern Europe
Western Europe and Others
Incentive Measures Economic Valuation
Indirect Incentives (property rights, market creation)
Positive Incentives (subsidies, tax breaks, ...)
Reform of Perverse Incentives
Keywords Agri-environmental payments
Compensation for loss of use
Conservation payments
Eco-labelling and certification
Environmental funds
Market creation (organic production, tourism, ...)
Subsidy reform
Support payment