ID 8367
Submitting Entity United Nations Environment Programme - Economics and Trade Branch (UNEP-ETB)
Submitted for Tenth meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA 10)
Main Information
Title The Use of Economic Instruments in Environmental Policy: Opportunities and Challenges
Description This UNEP report seeks to help policy-makers and experts to identify, evaluate, and integrate economic instruments effectively into the pre-existing regulatory structure in a broad range of sectors. It presents an innovative approach by offering a wide range of tools for conducting comprehensive assessments and tailoring solutions to a specific country situation and need. It also provides a framework for conducting policy design, implementation and evaluation, analyzing past experiences in an effort to assess, which instruments have worked effectively to address particular types of environmental problems.
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Additional Information
Regions Global
Incentive Measures Environmental Funds / Investments
Indirect Incentives (property rights, market creation)
Negative Incentives (taxes, levies,...)
Positive Incentives (subsidies, tax breaks, ...)
Keywords Wildlife trade
Use / hunting permits / licensing
Tradable permits/use rights
Strengthening property rights (land tenure, ...)
Revenue sharing with communities
Land-use covenants and certification
Market creation (organic production, tourism, ...)
Environmental funds