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Date Tuesday
2016.12.13 @ 18:15
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Room Side-event Room 1
Universal building, main floor
Capacity: 100 people
Conference COP 13 / CP-COP-MOP 8 / NP-COP-MOP 2
Thirteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity
Title Sharks, Parks and Whales: Non-Extractive Uses of Marine Biodiversity Need Protection!
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Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Protected Areas
Aichi Biodiversity Targets


Non-Extractive Uses of Marine Biodiversity - through activities such as recreational diving and Ecotourism - generate high-quality jobs and income for coastal communities around the world and put in motion a virtuous cycle of benefit-sharing throughout the national economies where these activities are inserted. There is however little recognition of these values at international treaties, which insist in treating Tourism as an "impact" without examining it vis-a-vis other economic alternatives. This side-event hopes to bring together the community of practice represented at Cancún, government officials, NGOs and other interested parties to discuss case studies and address ways to improve the protection of the rights of non-extratrive users of Nature at CBD and other relevant fora. 

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The Pyongchang Declaration of Non-Extractive Businesses

The Declaration is a call for action by non-extractive businesses from around the world to respect and protect the rights of non-extractive users of biodiversity in the face of rampant unsustainable, extractive uses.


Tourism; Biodiversity; Non-Extractive Uses  

Sharks and Rays: Our Peoples Want Them Alive!

A declaration from the Dive Industry regarding the importance of living sharks and rays to generate jobs and income in coastal communities.



Ecotourism to help conserve iconic marine species in the Pacific islands

The South Pacific Regional Environment Programme´s initiatives on Marine Ecotourism.



The Need to Protect Non-Extractive Uses of Biodiversity

Introductory talk of the side-event by José Palazzo


Marine Biodiversity, Ecotourism, Diving, Non-Extractive Uses  

MPAs and Biodiversity Conservation: a View from Brazil

Talk by Angela Kuczach, Director of the National Protected Areas Network of Brazil, a civil society organization dedicated to promote the establishment and good governance of protected areas.


protected areas, oceans, public use, Brazil  

Saving our Sharks and Sharks Diving in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

A presentation by Luis Lombardo from Saving our Sharks on the importance of shark diving for conservation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.


sharks, ocean, Diving, ECotourism  

ENB Report of the Side-Event

Full report and photos on the side event as reported by the IISD Earth Negotiations Bulletin.


Marine Protected Areas, sharks, whales, non-extractive uses, Ecotourism, Diving  

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The First Time; People Watching Whales

This short video shows the reactions of people in their first whale watching trip, highlighting the importance of Ecotourism as a tool for creating environmental awareness in a wide swath of human society.


Full Video Coverage of the Side-Event

Complete video footage of the side-event as recorded by the CBD Secretariat staff.


oceans, sharks, whales, Marine Protected Areas, Ecotourism, non-extractive uses