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Date Tuesday
2018.07.10 @ 18:15
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Room Room D, 1st Floor
Capacity: 30 people
Conference SBSTTA-22 / SBI-02
Second meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation
Title Financing Landscape Management Approaches: Replication and Upscaling for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development
Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI)
Aichi Biodiversity Targets
Indigenous people and local communities
Biodiversity for Development
Traditional Knowledge, Innovations and Practices
Protected Areas
Gender and Biodiversity
Strategic Plan 2011-2020
Aichi Biodiversity Targets


Organizers: UNDP, CI, IPSI


Target SBI-2 Agenda Items to contribute:

Item 5: Mainstreaming of biodiversity within and across sectors and other strategic actions to enhance implementation.

Item 8: Resource mobilization.

Item 11: Cooperation with other conventions, international organizations and initiatives.



This side event will focus on sharing knowledge and experiences from successful on-the-ground actions for replication and upscaling of community-based landscape planning and management approaches and practices through sustainable finance. Examples will be provided on the Community Development and Knowledge Management for Satoyama Initiative (COMDEKS) Programme and the GEF SGP Upgraded Country Programmes, on the GEF-Satoyama Initiative Project, the IPSI Secretariat on partnership activities, and other experts.

Potential speakers: UNDP, GEF-SGP, CI, IPSI Secretariat, GEF Secretariat



Opening and Introduction: (tbc, SCBD, GEFSEC)


5 min

  • Introduction to this event



Moderator: GEF-SGP (Yoko Watanabe)


  • Yoko Watanabe, GEF-SGP


Presentation 1: UNDP (Diana Salvemini)


15 min

  • Participatory assessments, replication, upscaling and sustainable financing through COMDEKS and GEF-SGP Upgraded Country Programmes
  • Launch of Resilience Indicators publication

Presentation 2: CI (Yoji Natori)


15 min

  • GEF-Satoyoma Initiative

Presentation 3: IPSI (William Dunbar)


15 min

  • Overview of other IPSI ongoing work related to assessment, replication, financing, upscaling

(Panelist comments: tbc)

10 min

  • SCBD, MOEJ, GEFSEC, IPSI Steering Committee members


Discussion & Wrap-up

20 min


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