Technical and Scientific Cooperation

Technical and Scientific Cooperation Mechanism

In its decision 15/8, the Conference of the Parties established a technical and scientific cooperation mechanism comprising a network of regional and/or subregional support centres to be coordinated by a global coordination entity.

The overall goal of the mechanism is to promote and facilitate, on a demand-driven basis, technical and scientific cooperation and technology transfer among Parties and to enable Parties and relevant organizations to effectively utilize science, technology and innovation to support the implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. Its specific objectives are:

(a) To enhance local, national, subregional, regional and international capacities in relation to science, technology and innovation by means of human resource and institutional capacity building and development;

(b) To enable technology assessment and monitoring of appropriate technologies;

(c) To promote and facilitate the development, transfer and use of appropriate technologies, including indigenous and traditional technologies subject to free, prior and informed consent, according to national legislation;

(d) To promote and encourage joint research, cooperation and collaboration in the use of scientific advances and good practices in research;

(e) To promote the development, implementation and scaling-up of innovative solutions;

(f) To facilitate access to and exchange of relevant technical and scientific data, information and knowledge.